We work with B2B Cyber Security, IT and Data vendors across the UK, USA, and Europe to drive pipeline through custom lead generation activities and summits:

Our community of 30,000 Senior Executives attend Technology Leaders Club events to network, share insights and meet with new technology vendors to drive their businesses forward.

Activities are tailored to your prospective customer accounts, regions and job titles. These ABM engagement campaigns and targeted summits provide exceptional ROI for vendors, by guaranteeing high quality leads, 1:1 meetings and brand awareness throughout the year.

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Virtual Roundtables  Engage with 6 pre-qualified leads through an insightful discussion to gain customer insights and pain-points.

Private Dinners  Host 8 pre-qualified customer leads at a 5* dining experience. Ideal for face-to-face relationship building and insights. 

Breakfast Briefings  Host 8 pre-qualified leads at a 5* breakfast experience. Ideal for face-to-face relationship building and insights. 

Track Days  Host 10 customers at a fully branded track day, including full hospitality and VIP treatment for a truly memorable experience. 

Wembley Experience  Host 6 customers in a fully branded VIP box, inclusive of a roundtable discussion and full hospitality.

TLC Connect Summits  Explore our range of targeted CISO and CDO summits across the UK, Europe and USA, with 50 pre-qualified leads. 

TLC Unfiltered podcast  Expose the human side of your brand and appear alongside leading industry influencers on this popular podcast!  

Bespoke Content  Discover a range of bespoke whitepapers, e-books and interviews, as part of your ongoing digital campaign.

Trusted by 150+ CMOs from leading IT, Security and Data vendors worldwide

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