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AI and automation: Is it the best solution for modern data needs?   

As businesses grow their digital footprint, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the glut of data being collected from all angles, both in terms of regulation and also being data driven. Are automation and AI the way forward




Flexibility and ethics: Managing regulation and data ethics in the modern age



With new laws and regulations being passed in countries around the world, staying abreast of them requires flexibility. However, with so many organisations burdened with legacy and vast data stores, the question isn’t so much what can you do, but what should you do? How do you retain trust if you don’t use data ethically? 




The data visibility challenge: Where is your data and what data do you have?   Organisations today are collecting data on a vast scale. When this much data is moving through an organisation, it is vital to know what you have and where, and yet, one of the main challenges facing organisations is network visibility. Whether you are trying to secure it, or use it, visibility of your data is now an essential part of modern business




Data democratisation ≠ data literacy: Understanding and aligning data with the business narrative


Skills and culture: Making data-informed decisions a habit across the enterprise – something business users do automatically as part of their workflow — by enhancing data literacy and making it simple for business users to integrate data and analytics into their workflows.



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9th November | London

08:00 - 09:00 Arrival, registration and refreshments
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09:45 - 12:15 Breakout sessions
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