2022 Cyber Security Interactive Report

Cyber security is a field of constant change and evolution. With new threats constantly emerging and new tools and strategies being promoted as the next big thing, keeping on top of the shifting landscape is like chasing shadows.
This report is the culmination of 6 months' worth of discussions, interviews, podcasts and roundtable events with CISOs, VPs, Directors, and Heads of Security from across a wide range of industries. 
We meticulously combed through these discussions looking for recurring themes and challenges and have drawn up our list of key challenges for the security industry in 2022 so far:
•  Ransomware and the growing threat of cyber attack
•  Securing the remote and hybrid workplace
•  DevSecOps and ‘shifting left’
•  Hiring new staff and avoiding employee-churn
  Identity management, authentication, and ‘Zero Trust’
•  Embracing the Cloud and digital transformations securely
•  Managing security and technical debt
  The ballooning pressure on staff and the consequences of overwork, resignations and burnout
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